IMPORTANT *** Before plugging in your TouchPad *** READ THIS

·         When in the programming modes, TouchPad types instructions on the screen.  Before entering these modes make sure you are in a blank text editor, otherwise these keystrokes could edit or delete text or files on your computer!  If TouchPad is typing and you are not in a blank text editor, it is best to unplug TouchPad.

·         When connecting to Mac computers for the first time, a keyboard setup window will appear, this can be closed immediately.

·         TouchPad relies on capacitive touch to detect key presses.  This is calibrated on start up between the power LED blinking and being on.  It is recommended that TouchPad is in the location it will be used and that you do not touch TouchPad during this process.

·         Capacitive touch can be affected by changes in the surrounding environment.  If TouchPad is affected by this and starts malfunctioning, simply remove and reapply power to force a calibration or leave it for 8 seconds, after which a calibration will automatically be performed.