Here is the QR Code Clock in the final stages of development.  This was probably the hardest part of the whole build; I had to align all of the header and then solder then as flush with the PCB as I could.  This design enabled me to make the board significantly smaller, although did make it a little harder to construct.  After this I checked all of the connections and made amendments were necessary.  Then I started soldering on the SMD MAX7219 driver IC's.  Due to the header legs protruding slightly I had to bend the legs of the chips slightly; after doing this they fitted perfectly and it was not as hard as I had expected to solder them on.  I tested them one by one, and they all worked first time!

After having applied finished the hardware, I moved on to the software.  Initially it took me a while to work out how each display corresponded with each other.  I am using the adafruit GFX library as well as the MAX7219 driver library by adafruit.  This makes the control of the displays with each other very easy and I had the thing up and running in no time.  Keen to test it out I manually programmed in, pixel by pixel, a QR Code that I had generated online.  After some time, and many different QR Code scanning apps I managed to read it.  I believe that the multiple background colours to the QR code make it difficult to scan.  In the future I plan to experiment with tinted materials to see if I can improve the scanning of the Code. 

 The next step is to be able to generate QR Codes automatically, based on the data from the Real Time Clock module I have included on the board.  Below is the first step in the generation.  The data codewords and error correction codewords displayed in binary.  The next stage is to apply 8 different mask patterns, decide on the most effective and then implement that.  Finally 14 bits of data must be added to tell the scanner the error correction level and the data mask used.  At present I see no reason why this can't be achieved on the arduino, so the project is looking good.  I could not have got to this stage without the QR Tutorial at