After spending a large proportion of Sunday wiring all the separate elements of this project together, it is nearing completion. However currently I am having problems with the stepper motor which is frustrating.

Firstly here is the power source; I am running the whole thing from a 12v 1A power supply, I originally chose this as I assumed the stepper would run better from 12V (I am having second thoughts about this).  Consequently the LED array is wired to run from 12V.  Of course the control circuitry requires a 5V supply to operate.  I have mounted a 7805 voltage regulator to the stepper motor mount in the hope that some of the heat will be dissipated.  I am being very cautious after blowing up the LED maxtrixs.

 The UV LEDs provide a very bright, fine strip of light so hopefully this will lead to good exposure of PCBs in the future.  I have used the original scanner cable to provide the power to the LEDs.  I decided upon this as it flexes well and there is a slot specificly designed for it in the casing, so why not.  To ensure enough current could flow I used 5 wire for the positive and negative terminal.  Originally I intended to use a P channel MOSFET to switch the LED array on and off however I had problems due to the two different voltages I think.  Consequently I used a ULN2803 in its place.  This works very well.

 In place of the original front panel I have mounted a piece of blue card, cut to shape using the old plastic cover as a template.  I have decided to use a different LCD to display info as the original was not backlit.  This would make operating in the dark difficult!  This meant I had to make the LCD slot slightly bigger but this was easily achieved using the dremmel.  I have also added an old analogue stick I had lying round just for something a bit different and to make the coding a little more interesting.  Finnally there is a stand alone arduino which will be used to control everything.  Currently it is almost up to capacity with just two analogue ports free!

Finally here is the stepper motor driver and stepper in the form of a L293D H bridge motor driver.  Although the stepper works fine whilst free, the minute you put in in place to drive the scanner a horrible clicking noise occurs, not the smooth humming sound usually heard from a scanner.  As you can see from the picture below I installed potentiometer to try and reduce this but it had little effect.  So the stepper is going to take a little bit more experimenting.