Here is all of the things I salvaged from the scanner/ printer.  I got 3 stepper motors, an LCD display, a few cogs and rails and a few IR light gates as well as a power supply.

I purchased 50 ultraviolet LED's off ebay, which I plan to use to expose the photoresist on my PCB's.   I used a piece of plastic which is roughly 1 mm thick to support the LED's.  By drilling 0.8mm holed the led clicked in nicely and after soldering supported themselves very well.   The picture on the right is the UV scanner beam with a piece of paper on top - should be good.

Here is the LCD that came from the old printer.  I managed to find this post on another blog which gives some rough indication as to the pin allocation but it still took some guess work to get the display working.  I have also managed to get the stepper motor which drives the scanner to work, I had to use a H bridge driver and currently I am just powering it from the arduino supply; however I think that this will not provide enough power to move the scanner so I will probably end up running it off 12V.