I have decided that it is finally time to start manufacturing my own PCB's; I have had enough of soldering millions of jumper wires between pins on a proto board and I want to try it.  This year I also want to try some SMD soldering as it is definitely the way forward.  And I feel the two 'new year resolutions tie in very well so here are a few board designs which I hope to try:

Firstly we have the QR code clock, which features 9 8x8 matrix's, 9 MAX7219 SMD, an arduino nano and a I2C real time clock.  This board will eventually display the time in the form of a QR code on display which will be scannable by a smartphone.  This project will allow me to have a go at manufacturing double sided PCBs and SMD soldering.

I have also opted to design a board for my RGB LED cube; this is more simple and features only a single sided PCB so I will be trying this first.