My first shot at SMD; in the form of an Attiny 85 that I will be using for my school electronics project as a time keeper.  It is in the SOIC form so the pin pitch is not to fine.  As the etchant I ordered had not yet turned up I used a cutting wheel on my Dremmel to scrape away the cooper, making my self a little breakout board.  I then used plenty of flux and had no problem soldering the IC.  

After hooking up the Attiny to the arduino using a tutorial from the web, I went ahead and programmed it from the arduino IDE;  it worked first time amazingly!  I was very impressed as later on removed my breakout board to inspect it; I put it back but the wrong way round, this lead to the ground pin being high and vica versa.  There was smoke and a bad smell but after letting it cool down it still works perfectly.

For my school project I needed to get the Attiny 85 to send the time in seconds over a serial link.  It took a bit of playing around but eventually I got all the right settings and I could get seconds and thousandths of a second over the serial line when pin 2 on the Attiny is pulled high.  This is demonstrated with the LCD display below: