After having finally cut a hole in the front heat sink of the old speaker assembly I had an isea to use it as a heat sink for both voltage regulators; one for 12v o power the strip light and one for 5v to power the rest of the electrics.  However this idea, it turns had had a massive flaw.  The back plate to the voltage regulators not only dissipate heat but it turns out they also give out the regulated voltage.  This meant that the 5v rail on my breadboard went to 12v with me being blissfully un-aware!  After not being able to program the arduino I started poking around with the voltmeter and realized what had happened.  Unfortunately the 12v has destroyed both LED matrix's and drivers as well as the ATMEGA 328pu chip and USB to TTL converter.  An expensive accident!  I have ordered some more components but this time I had to keep the price down so no bi colour matrix's :(  Although there is no doubt that I will ever do this again!

This week I have finnally got around to constructing the circuit board for the LEGO clock, and here it is:

At the moment I have not fully tested however I do know that the PICAXE 14m2 chip is working and the op amp is not.  It's going to take a bit of time to work it all out and I'm being very cautious at the minute which slows it down even more.

Finally I made an interesting discovery; hot glue sticks dissipate LEDs very well.  As you can see from the picture on the left it gives a very even distribution of light. This is something I will definately take advantage of this at some point in the future.