Made good progress with the thermometer project.  Firstly I added 2 panel mount push buttons instead of the bodge job that was on the last version.  Also I have added a breakout for the display brightness potentiometer, to allow me to easily change it depending on the different power supply voltages( this is the small gold dot you can see in the picture below and right).  Finally I mounted the temperature sensor, slightly away from the box so any heat given of from the boards/ leds wouldn't have a massive effect on the temperature.  A big problem I have been facing is pin conflictions between the shields and my buttons etc. This is mainly down to the poor documentation by sainsmart, meaning everything is guesswork which is never good.  After having found a suitable pin for everything I have started work on the program and so far everything is going well.

Connected up sending push notifications to Prowl, a growl server for push notifications on apple products.