With the wheel truer out of the way, I have moved onto my next project; a remote controlled light switch.   Inspired by seeing the super cheap RF modules on http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/ it just had to be done!  I have tried to make both circuits as small as possible, especially the one to the right which will drive the servo which flicks the switch.  I plan to mount this circuit inside another liqht switch and have it clamp to the one needed to be controlled using rare earth magnets.  to save space the boards share a programming port and you simply power on or off which ever board needs to be programmed.  Both ciruits also run of 9V batteries, using a 7805 voltage regulator; I chose to do this because 9V batteries are a lot smaller than the bunch of 1.5V batteries that would be required to power the circuit normally.  However this has led to a few power issues with batteries that aren't fully charged - the regulators then supply no power to the circuit.

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