A while ago we had a flood at our holiday home as aresult of the heating breaking, pipes freezing and then exploding, after everything was repaired dad asked me if there was some sort of thermometer we could buy which would allow us to view it online.  I couldn't find anything though.  

A really cheap copy of arduino boards which would allow me to make an internet thermometer.

After a bit of research online (http://tutorial.cytron.com.my/2011/07/27/an-arduino-room-monitoring-web-server/) I decided to go ahead with the project and ordered all the bits, here is the results:

Although the physical side of the build is complete, I am having issues finding a DNS server which I can use for free since DynDNS has removed all of there free services :( I also need to get hold of a digital temperature sensor unit and then it will be ready for operation.