A nerdy birthday card I made:

As you can see from the back view on the right the card features a load of messy circuitry.  This Circuitry is used to drive and power 3 RGB leds inside the card which illuminate the tissue paper of the heart on the front.  The 08m2 used to drive the card, has a cool little switch I found attached to it, it consists of a tiny spring in a canister and effectivey acts as a vibration switch.  This triggers the LEDs to go off on 3 loops of the colour spektrum and then fade out gracefully.  The main problem I faced with this project was the programming; the 08m2 only has 1 PWM output, thereofor the LEDs had to be multiplexed with each colour element.  At first there was an annoing pulsing look on the LEDs because the process wes not happenniung fast enough however I managed to increase the internal clock speed ( which is a nice feature of picaxe chips).  Overall I was very pleased with this project.